If you’re not a construction expert with a thorough understanding of building standards and regulations, there’s a strong possibility you’ll overlook a critical issue during your ocular examination of the new house you’re planning to purchase. A trained inspector should conduct the building and pest inspection in Brisbane for an entire property.

Because not all sellers are upfront about their property’s flaws, buyers like you must take extra precautions and have the property examined before signing a contract. It may come as a surprise, but even new house purchasers should take extra precautions.

Construction problems are just as widespread in new homes as they are in older ones. When you consider factors like growing material and labour prices, construction shortcuts, contract deadlines, and shoddy craftsmanship, this is unavoidable. Newly constructed houses, contrary to common opinion, are not defect-free.

Why should you not avoid building and pest examinations for a new home?

Even if the home is new, it’s not free of maintenance

New dwellings must adhere to local council laws and must pass a series of examinations conducted by a building surveyor. That is, at least, the broad notion. New home purchasers typically anticipate that new houses will pass these tests and be in excellent condition once they are put on the market. This isn’t always the case, however.

It’s worth emphasising that a building surveyor or council inspector is responsible for enforcing building code compliance, not craftsmanship. A surveyor is unlikely to comment on bad workmanship. That is why you’ll need a building inspector in the first place.

You may have an experienced eye look at the quality of the craftsmanship and discover faults, especially those that require significant repair. Pre-purchase building inspections in Gold Coast done by an expert is necessary. Of course, they’ll check to determine if the entire structure complies with building rules.

You are going to need pest examination too

The new property might appear to be in fantastic shape. But this should not be an excuse for purchasers like you to relax their termite defences. Termites, for example, are nasty little pests. They can go undiscovered for months while carrying out their life’s work that is destroying houses. They can work behind the scenes for years in certain circumstances!

Get a pest inspection in Brisbane done together with the building inspection to ensure that you don’t wind up with an estate inhabited by unpleasant critters. Fortunately, professional building inspectors may be able to combine a pest check with a building inspection. And if you assume a new house won’t have to deal with pests for a long time, you can find yourself waking up in a house with a weakened foundation because it’s been home to a termite colony all along.

It will help you keep the potential problems away

A newly constructed building may be more structurally sound than older ones. But it does not imply it is without flaws. Keep in mind that building flaws such as insulation issues and pest problems such as termite infestations might be difficult to spot at first glance and go unreported for years after you’ve purchased the property.

Even if you think missing a building and pest inspection would save you money today, you’d be prudent not to. After all, a few hundred dollars spent now is a tiny thing. Moreover, you will get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you aren’t buying a money trap.

Call our professional team immediately to get this comprehensive analysis completed before you exchange a sales contract with the property vendor or estate agent!

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