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Pre Purchase Inspections
The complete residential and commercial pre-purchase and pre-auction building and pest inspection services for existing properties in the Gold Coast and Brisbane.
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Pre-Purchase House & Building Inspections in Brisbane, Gold Coast

“Protecting You & Your Investment”

Pre-purchase, Pre-auction, Pre-sale inspections

Total Inspections offers the complete residential and commercial pre-purchase and pre-auction building and pest inspection services for existing properties in the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

All of our pest and pre-existing building inspections are carried out as per Australian regulations and standards with qualified, licensed and insured inspectors.

With us, you’ll also receive a range of standard inclusions many other services will charge you extra for using our state-of-the-art building and pest inspection equipment.

Why you need a pre-purchase or pre-auction building or pest inspection

A pre-purchase or pre-auction building or pest inspection is needed to assess if there is any sign of structural damage, wear or pest infestation within the building you may be considering purchasing. It protects you and the investment you’re considering making in the purchase of residential or commercial property.

Contact Total Inspections for A Pre-Purchase or Pre-Auction Building or Pest Inspection On An Existing Property Today.

If you’re after peace of mind before purchasing an existing residential or commercial property a Total Inspections pre-purchase or pre-auction building and pest inspection service is a sound

Why choose a Total Inspections pre-purchase building or pest inspection over the others?

  • Total Inspections uses the latest technologies to assist in the accuracy of this pre-existing building and pest inspection assessment whereas other services may not.
  • You receive a range of standard services other building and pest inspections services may charge you extra for.
  • We’ll assess the quality of the residential home or building compared to buildings of a similar age, materials and construction to help you protect you and your investment using our vast experience.
  • Your inspection is conducted by qualified licensed and insured residential and commercial building and pest inspectors.
  • Our pre-purchase building and pest inspections are a visual, non-destructive inspection. Qualified licensed building and pest inspectors will use tools and technical knowledge to check the structure for signs of structural damage or pest infestations such as white ants or termites. If structural, pest infestation or other damage is found, advice will be given in the report on further inspections that will need to be carried out.

Our pre-auction and pre-purchase building inspections involve the following:

  • Moisture meters to determine the level of moisture in the building materials, which may indicate rising damp or water leaks.
  • Thermal imaging cameras are used to detect the slight temperature variations that termites or other pests give out. Termi-track movement detector can check for movement inside wall cavities or floor spaces. Thermal imaging cameras are also used to detect slight temperature variation to assist with leak detection or air leakage.
  • Laser technologies to assess the floors and walls level to check if the building is showing signs of subsiding.
  • The inspection will also evaluate visual defects and functional operation of the building’s fixtures.
  • Assess structural elements and non-structural elements in the sub-floor areas, external of the buildings, roof space areas and internal of the premises if access is available
  • If the roof linings or outer walls are inaccessible, a drone can be used to assess the condition of these elements at an additional cost.
  • All Total Inspections’ pest and pre-existing building inspections are carried out as per Australian regulations and standards.

Building only

Up to 2 bedrooms.
3-4 Bedroom
4+ bedrooms

Building and Pest

Up to 2 bedrooms
3-4 bedroom
4+ bedrooms

Contact Total Inspections for Pre-Purchase Asbestos, Solar, Electrical, Plumbing, Structural Or Other Trade Inspection Service.

Whether you’re considering purchasing a residential, commercial or industrial property Total Inspections can provide you with the complete inspection service using state-of-the-art equipment and give you a range of standard inclusions other services will charge you extra for.

Non-Standard inspections

Want to ensure the residential or commercial property you’re considering purchasing is free of asbestos?

Maybe you want to make sure the plumbing is free of tree roots, the solar hot water panels or system is operational or that the electrical wiring or structure is sound?

These are just some of the inspections and problems a Total Inspections pre-purchase electrical, plumbing or building inspection can identify and solve for you.

With residential and commercial properties being bought and sold more often, pre-purchase electrical, asbestos, plumbing and other types of pre-existing building inspections are being used more and more by vendors and potential purchasers.

Also, a Total Inspections pre-purchase solar, plumbing, electrical, structural or other inspection may be conducted on your request, your client’s request, as a recommendation arising from a previous building or pest inspection or a vendor’s request.

Either way, a Total Inspections pre-purchase solar, plumbing inspection, electrical or other inspection provides you with certainty and can be used for:

  • Asbestos identification inspections
  • Water leak inspections and reports
  • Pre-purchase plumbing inspections
  • Solar panelling and system inspections
  • Commercial and residential electrical inspections
  • And identify any structural decay underground or behind wall linings
  • Additionally, a drone inspection may be a great way to inspect high-level wall or roof linings that are inaccessible as well

On the rare occasions when one of our licensed qualified building inspectors finds an issue that may be outside his or her normal field of expertise, don’t worry. We’ll work with you and arrange for a qualified licensed tradesperson experienced in that specific field to inspect and investigate any additional issues found as per Australian building inspection standards and regulations.

These additional trades or inspectors may include but are not limited to:

  • Electrical inspections
  • Asbestos inspectors
  • Solar roof panelling and system inspections
  • Structural engineer
  • Mechanical inspections
  • Commercial and residential plumbing inspections
  • Residential and commercial structural engineering inspections
  • Also if issues are found and need further investigation such as a destructive investigation, approval will need to be given by the owner of the residential house or property but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

We do pre-purchase building inspections for Gold Coast properties

Total Inspections are your friendly and expert team who can help with all of your pre-auction and pre-purchase building inspection needs. Call our Gold Coast team for a professional service that will safeguard your investment decision. We can also help with drone inspections, pool safety inspections, building and pest inspection and general building inspections. Contact us today to find out more about how we can assist you.