Construction Inspections

Building New Or Extending? Want know what you can do? or just want to take care of your current property?
Let Total Inspection help with years of industry knowledge.

“Protecting You & Your Investment.”

Roof Inspections

If you have roof problems, maintenance issues, want to renovate, or wish to buy or sell a property; you can’t overlook a roof condition report.

At Total Inspections, we can deliver an honest and thorough assessment of the current condition of your roof. Our qualified inspectors can save you both time and money thanks to our accurate and detailed assessments.

Pest Inspections

Termite Inspection specialist Total Inspections utilise the latest termite inspection detection technology, thermal imaging, Termi-trac movement detectors, moisture meters, and tapping devices, combined with a very experienced termite inspector. Don’t throw away your money on inexperience. Experience is everything when it comes to a thorough well informed termite inspection.

PLEASE NOTE: No household insurance covers you for termite damage.

Unlike most of our competitors, we do not charge any extra for using thermal imaging or Termi-track movement detectors. Most of our competitors have none of these technologically advanced termite detection tools, and if they do, they charge inflated prices to use them.

Pool Safety Inspections

Pool or Spa Safety Inspections in Gold Coast & Brisbane

“Protecting You & Your Investment.”

Know that we put your safety first. That’s why our pool safety inspections are carried out to the highest standard and follow Australian accreditations and regulations. The same applies to all pool safety fences that we inspect.

Pre-sale Building and Pest Inspections

For vendors, when it comes to selling your property, it’s important to undergo a pre-sale inspection to bring to light any underlying issues with your property that could later cost you your sale. Pre-sale inspections are the same as a pre-purchase inspections; however, the seller has the opportunity to fix these issues before the buyers come through.

We often see preventable defects cost the sellers money or time after the contracts have been signed or the sale to fall through.

The best way is to have the building inspected first to get any major or minor defects identified and repaired or at least be able to notify buyers of the defects.

It is also helpful to have a report to give buyers when they are considering buying to make their decision faster and easier, which will lead to a faster and easier sale.

“NO COST” Pre-Sale or Pre-Auction Reports

We offer Sellers and Real Estate Agents the option of pre-sale or pre-auction inspections and reports at no cost. The inspection can be carried out as usual; however, instead of the seller paying for the report, the buyer can purchase the report from us online at 50% discount. The buyer can purchase the document and have an electronic version sent to them. It is perfect for Auctions where there may be no time to carry out an inspection. The buyer can scan the QR Code, which will take them through to our online shop, where the report can be purchased.

Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspections

Total Inspections offers the complete residential and commercial pre-purchase building and pest inspection services for existing properties in the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

All of our pest and pre-existing building inspections are carried out as per Australian standards with qualified, licensed and insured inspectors.

With us, you’ll also receive a range of standard inclusions; many other services will charge you extra for using our state-of-the-art building and pest inspection equipment.

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