When buying a house with a pool, the safety and condition of the pool are as important as the house. A pool is an excellent feature of a home and often adds value to the home. But a pool in poor condition can be a money pit. Therefore, it’s essential to thoroughly research a pool before buying a home. Knowing what to look for during a pool inspection can help you feel confident about your inspection and make an informed decision when you’re ready to buy.

If the home you’re buying has a pool, it adds a whole new dimension to your home inspection. There are many issues that can affect your pool. Some are minor issues with simple repairs. Other times, resolving it can require a lot of work and money. Some issues can even affect the pool’s safety and the people who use it. In-depth knowledge by Pool Safety Inspections in Brisbane of the swimming pool’s condition can significantly impact the final terms of buying a home.

What Does A Professional Pool Inspection Include?

It is common to have a home inspected by a professional home inspector to ensure that both the buyer and seller are aware of potential problems in the house. A home inspector will perform a complete inspection of your home and prepare a report detailing any issues they find. A professional Pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspection Brisbane should be reasonably comprehensive. An inspection usually begins with a thorough tour of the pool area, looking for problems with the pool deck, skirting boards, and the mastic connecting the two. Walkarounds also check the area around the pool for proper safety features such as security fences and suitable bolt gates. The inspector will also look for leaks, cracks, or other damage to the pool liner and foundation.

All hardware in and around the pool is also checked such as drains, lights, railings and ladders to ensure that they are properly installed and securely fastened in place. If there is a diving board, it will be inspected to ensure that it is properly attached to the deck and free of cracks or other signs of damage or weakness. In addition to the pool itself, pool inspectors inspect all pool equipment. This includes filters, pumps, heaters, plumbing, timers, and all other electrical components associated with pool operation.

New home buyers with pools are advised to conduct a Pool Safety Inspections in Gold Coast for determining what is wrong with the pool before the sale so that discrepancies can be addressed. Private pools are also regularly secured. There are some warning signs to look out for that may require inspection. They are:

  • Building damage: If you find cracks in your pool liner or leaks in cement or plaster, it’s definitely time for a pool inspection. An expert can tell you the best way to repair pool damage.
  • Electrical problem: Watch out for blown underwater lights, missing circuit breakers, and improperly installed junction boxes. These issues must be addressed immediately to avoid potential or further damage.
  • Hazard: Problems with the terrace can pose a tripping hazard. Springboards and slides must be set up correctly and safely. Water chemistry and algae issues can create slip hazards. A swimming pool inspection can detect such dangerous conditions.
  • Equipment: The connection between the pool and all metal parts is very important and mandated by law. If something is not properly electrically connected and grounded, the user could be electrocuted. Also, don’t forget pool ladders, pool fences, and lights that surround the pool area within 5 feet.

There are a variety of locations where professional inspections can be performed. One option is to hire a home inspector who also specializes in inspecting pools. There is usually an additional charge for this. Another way is to go to a pool inspection company that only does pool inspections. There are fees for this too, but it can be a worthwhile investment.

The professional inspector’s goal is to identify the damage affecting the pool. Also, document any repairs or replacement parts required to return the pool to full function. On completion of the Pool Safety Inspections in Brisbane, the inspector will prepare a full report summarizing the findings. This report will document any necessary repairs and can be used for final negotiations when purchasing a home.

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