Even though sellers claim that they have performed the pre-sale building inspection for the house they are selling, it is probably just enforcing the building code compliance. This doesn’t take care of the structural condition of the house and many more areas that often go unnoticed.

Therefore, whenever you plan on purchasing a house, the first thing to do is hire an inspector for pre-purchase building inspections in Gold Coast who is experienced with pre-purchase inspections. A place you have liked just by its looks may not be the same as its base. There could be possibilities for termite infestation in the wooden beams or an issue with flooding in the basement. There can be multiple issues or no issues at all.

What is included in a pre-purchase building inspection?

pre-purchase building inspection

When an inspector is given the task of inspecting a house before you buy it, they will look into multiple aspects such as –

  • Pest Inspection – Pests are a nuisance; when an extended family lives in a building, the structural condition of the structure tends to deteriorate. Termites, wood borers, ants, rodents, etc., often look out for cosy living spaces with access to food, and a house is the best place. The deck in the backyard may be infested with termites but looks beautiful from the outside. The same could be for the sidewalls, which are painted well but hollow when tapped. All of this is looked into closely during a pre-purchase pest inspection in Gold Coast.


  • Fire Inspection – Fire is a hazard that comes by uninvited. If a building is prone to such a hazard, it shouldn’t be purchased. During the inspection, inspectors look out for weak electrical wiring, which leads to most fire outbreaks in a household. For example, you may set up heavy appliances such as the air conditioner or the water heater, and there is a short circuit. They check the wires to see if it is compliant to work normally with heavy appliances. If not, it needs immediate attention.


  • Slab Inspection – The slab is what holds the weight of the house, and when there is a defect down there, things can get complicated once you start living in the house. Problems like cracking of walls and ceilings, crack in the wall and floor tiles, and jamming windows and doors even though they are in good shape shows up and eventually make you spend a lot of money in rectifying things. The inspector for pre-purchase building inspections in Gold Coast may take some time but ultimately comes up with the correct report.

Problems That You Can Face In a New House

Even though the seller claims that the house is new and unused, multiple problems arise and are often caught red-handed by the inspectors.

Incomplete House

Sometimes, the contractor has forgotten to add the basics, such as fire blocking or not installing insulation in certain portions of the house or simply whitewashing walls and not painting them well. All of these are looked into by the inspector, giving you time to decide what to do.

Unpainted Areas of the House

Sometimes, contractors only focus on the areas that attract more attention and paint them well. Unfortunately, for the rest of the regions, such as the basement, wall closets, store rooms, etc., haven’t been painted at all or simply have a coat of some cheap paint.

Plumbing Issues

It could be leaky pipes, the use of low-grade pipes during construction, or simply not following local construction codes that lead to complications. Issues such as leaky or rusted shower pipes that stay behind the walls, too, can be one of them.

Faulty Heating and Cooling System

If a house has pre-installed heating and cooling systems and doesn’t function as required, it isn’t the right place to be. Experts for pre-purchase building inspections detect the same and accordingly convey it to you. Even if the system is new, a faulty one is of no use.

Choosing the Right Inspector

A building inspector should have the necessary qualifications and experience to perform his duties well and help people make right decisions when purchasing a house. When choosing one, here are the qualities you need to check.

  • Their Qualifications – You can readily ask the inspector to help with details of his qualifications and experience. Any inspector for pre-purchase building inspections in Gold Coast who is good at their job will not hesitate to show the same. Every inspector has a license number that can help you with a cross-examination if you have doubts about their skills.


  • Do They Allow You On-Site – A good inspector will not hesitate to bring you along to inspect the house. He knows his job and will not be affected by your presence. It may be so that he will want to review the premise alone to look for minute issues, and you being there may be a distraction to his job.


  • Their Experience – It is essential that you pick an inspector who is experienced at their job. A newbie may not be able to help you as much as an experienced one will. If you are planning to live in this house comfortably, always hire someone with a good amount of experience.


  • Their Charges – If you are planning for a pre-purchase building inspections at the cheapest rate possible, you are at a loss with the assessment taking place without looking into minute details. Ask around for the introductory rate, and then look out for inspectors that charge something around the basics you are aware of.

Since you are on the verge of buying the house and plan to keep it as an asset, why buy something that will make your living troublesome in the coming days? There is no harm in hiring a licensed inspector from Total Inspections to check for faults. If there are no faults at all, there is nothing to lose. You will own a house that is in excellent and liveable condition.

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