We recommend that you undertake a pre-purchase pest survey prior to making a formal bid (before bidding in the case of an auction) or during the cooling-off period after signing the contract. The purchaser is given a certain cooling-off period and a small fee for terminating the contract in certain locations. If you plan to do a pest inspection at this time of year, it’s a good idea to plan ahead and make an appointment sooner or later.

Unless you are a fully qualified contractor, you may miss hidden flaws in the structural integrity of your building. Seller is required by law to disclose specific issues with respect to the property to agents and potential buyers, but they relate only to issues of which the Seller is aware at the time. Don’t rely solely on this. All buildings must comply with the Australian Building Code and relevant Australian standards, and Pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspection in Brisbane extensively assess the accessible structural and operational elements of the property.

What to Keep in Mind for Pre-Purchase Building Inspections?

A pre-purchase pest inspection can mean the difference between buying a well-maintained property with proper pest control measures or one that is creepy crawly and suffering from significant pest infestation. Pests like termites are nearly impossible to spot without special equipment and years of experience. So if you think you can tell if a building has pests with a simple inspection, think again. Some of the essential points to keep in mind when getting a Pre-purchase Building Inspections in Gold Coast are:

  • Inspection Area:

    In most cases, a proper building inspection will include all accessible home inspections, including the exterior, interior, attic voids, roofs, finishes, subfloors, outbuildings, fences, and even adjacent property should be covered. Stability and durability are interdependent, so a thorough inspection of all major structural elements is essential. In fact, problems in an area with buildings can be directly caused by problems occurring nearby.

  • Job Duration:

    A Pre-purchase Building Inspections Gold Coast typically takes about 90 minutes for a standard residential property. This is a reasonable amount of time if you want a full report. Even if the client asks to meet before or after the test to discuss concerns and ask questions, the report should not be too late. In fact, a competent inspector shouldn’t hesitate when a client comes to see how an inspection is going.

  • Inspector Reputation:

    Speed ​​and efficiency are crucial to building and pest inspections, but they are not the only criteria for hiring inspectors. It’s always a good idea to see what people have to say about how the service is doing. If the customer is satisfied with the construction test report they receive, many will express their gratitude to the building inspector. One way investigators earn their clients’ respect is by being open-minded when discussing findings. In fact, a good reputation can help determine whether you’ll have a good relationship with your building inspector.

  • Service Cost:

    Since you are about to invest a lot of money, you may be tempted to hire a Pre-purchase Pest Inspection in Gold Coast who offers the lowest rates. However, picking someone based solely on price is something that bites you hard on the track. This is especially true when the report overlooks some fundamental structural flaws. Ask multiple service providers for quotes to see the average market price for building inspections.

Once the pre-sales inspection is complete, the service provider can provide a summary of the findings in person or over the phone. After the test, they will send a written report if further processing is required. The findings and recommendations are written in plain English without the use of complex industry jargon and vocabulary, making the reports highly recommended by real estate and banking professionals. The market reputation for quality workmanship and reliability is unmatched, making service providers such as Total Inspection the best choice for Pre-purchase inspection.

Qualified and highly qualified professionals perform our Pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspection in Brisbane and depending on the property’s location, we can usually offer same-day service. We work with residential, commercial and industrial property owners, so no building is too small or too big. It’s also important to remember that we are fair. Our results are completely independent, which makes them more reliable than those offered by sellers and agents. Get in touch for your Building and pest inspection appointment today.

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