3 Common Myths About Home Inspectors And Their Role

A home inspection is a task that is often ignored by buyers, and they often end up buying a house that has hidden defects. Once purchased, no one else is responsible for it, and any repair or replacement needs to be borne by the buyer. Even if it is a major problem, you cannot come out of it since you have already paid for the house.

This is where a building inspection plays a major role. The need for an awareness that there exists building experts for pre-purchase building inspections in Gold Coast whose sole occupation is to check buildings for defects and accordingly create reports. While most people ignore their contribution, here are a few myths that need to be debunked so that people are aware of the role a building inspection plays.

Myth 1 – The Seller Is Responsible For Fixing Defects That The Inspector Found

Why will a seller fix all the defects that the inspector has found? If so, he would have done all of that before selling it. If the problems are plenty, you have the choice of not buying the house even if the design appeals you. You will have to spend on repairs, pay the price of the building and later pay for timely maintenance of the house. Why will you fish out such a lot of money? If the repairs are minor, ensure that a professional for pre-sale Building and pest Inspections in Gold Coast comes to help and not the local boy that the seller trusts. Eventually, you will buy the house, so the final decision is yours.

Myth 2 – Your Uncle Can Come Over To Look At The House With You

Even though your uncle has a lot of experience up his back and has handled construction projects in the past, he may not be the right person to help you. He doesn’t have the license or experience of being an expert for pre-purchase building inspections in Gold Coast. A simple check of the house doesn’t mean it is inspected. Your uncle will not go to the depth and check for termite infestation, which an inspector would do.

Based on his words, you cannot negotiate or talk to the seller to replace or change something in the house. Always trust a professional inspector who will help you with the best report which will make you decide on whether to buy the house.

Myth 3 – New Homes Do Not Require An Inspection

Australian building codes have become strict but despite that, there may be times when workers do not follow all rules when constructing a building. Even though your inspector may not be allowed in the premise while the building is under construction, there are times when there are glitches. If your house comes with a one year warranty, get the building checked during the first year itself especially at the end of the term. Most people get their homes inspected at the 11th month of their contract.

All of these are common myths and people tend to follow them diligently without knowing that building inspection needs to be taken seriously as it concerns your house which is an asset forever.

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