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Wynnum/Manly Housing Market News

Wynnum/Manly Housing Market News

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Wynnum/Manly Housing Market News PLUS Where to Find a Qualified Building and Pest Inspection Service.

The Housing Market of Wynnum/Manly | Brisbane Pre-Purchase Building and Pest Inspections | Total Inspections | February 2021.

Wynnum/Manly, the ‘easy-breezy’ Bayside Brisbane Suburb(s).

With breathtaking ocean views, gentle sea breezes, family-friendly recreational spaces and great local schooling options…there’s good reason why these suburbs have swept the local residents off their feet (with a little help of that gutsy sea breeze, of course).

Point being- the Wynnum/Manly area has always been loved deeply by the long-term residents.

It wasn’t until recent years, however, that the mass community ‘caught wind’ of the bayside beauty, and the value of its housing properties.


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“Based on five years of sales, Wynnum has seen a compound growth rate of 2.8% for houses and 1.0% for units….” Realestate.com.au, retrieved (28/01/21)

“Manly has seen a compound growth rate of 3.6% for houses and 0.8% for units.” Realestate.com.au, retrieved (28/01/21)

With access to Queensland Rail City Networks, this is a suitable spot for those working in Brisbane CBD, too- with Wynnum Central Station train line being 14km distance from the South Brisbane station.

So, add up all these promising features and you get a rise in demand for home buyers in the area. Makes sense!

In recent times, the prices are soaring and houses are selling fast. So, if you’re in the market, you better get in quick. 

But, like anything, there are a few things to consider first…

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About to Buy in the Wynnum/Manly Area? Great! Here are Some Tips to Get You Started.

First, let’s simplify things.

There are two kinds of people in this world.

And in this case, two kinds of houses (at least, the most common home styles found in the Brisbane Bayside area).

(1st) The Modern Bayside Brisbane Home, and (2nd) the Classic Bayside Queenslander.

Now let’s break it down.

If the timeless Classic Bayside Queenslander is the home for you, here’s some things to take into account before you buy:


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  1. Pesky Pests

These timeless Queenslanders are lovingly grand, dripping in classic elegance and oh-so inviting. But could they be too inviting? Chances are, that old fashioned wood-built home may have incited some less-than-friendly tenants along the years- termites.

It’s topics such as this that you should be discussing with your local building and pest inspector when you engage them for a pre-purchase inspection.

  1. Problematic Plumbing and Electrical

Depending on how ‘old-school’ the property of interest is, there could very well be outdated bathrooms/kitchens installed in the home, and thus, no updated plumbing and/or electrical.

If you want to ensure your plumbing is free of tree roots and your electrical wiring is in tip-top shape- make sure to ask about plumbing and electrical checks to your pre-purchase inspector!

  1. The Slippery Slope of Subsidence

Older homes were built to out-dated building codes, so it’s natural for things to have made a real slide over the years (quite literally).

Subsiding buildings and subsidence is a common occurrence especially in older builds.

Essentially, when the soil beneath a building is compromised- the structure of the entire home is affected, leading to uneven floor levels. Sure will give you that ol’ sinkin’ feelin’.

So, don’t let this one slip- ask your inspector about checking the floor and wall levels.

The only way this should be done is with certified laser technologies to accurately assess the structural foundations of the home. Make sure you opt for a pre-purchase build and pest inspector who will offer this service!

Next up, the Modern Bayside Brisbane Home…

If the Modern Bayside Brisbane Build is the home for you, here’s some things to take into account before you buy:


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  1. The ‘Safe Bet’ can still have Hidden Nasties

Although shiny, new, and seemingly flawless- in some cases, new houses can have hidden defects.

Most apartment and house owners who purchased a new property in the past 10 years have experienced building defects. Internal water leaks, cracking to internal or external structures, water penetration from the outside, guttering faults, tiling problems and defective plumbing were the most common problems for owners.” – mozo.com.au. 2020 Mozo Pty Ltd. Retrieved (28/01/21)

Make sure you avoid this by ensuring you receive the best quality pre-purchase inspection from a credible, local service.

  1. How New is New?

Are you the first tenants in the house? If not, it’s possible the previous owners did not treat the home as kindly as you may have hoped!

If not properly checked before purchase, issues can start to appear before it’s too late.

Cracked tiles, water stains, pool fence defects… you name it, the list goes on. Many unknowing homebuyers have had this happen. If left unnoticed, they can result in hefty repair fees too.

Best way to avoid this is by engaging a professional Building and Pest Inspection Service in Wynnum/Manly.

  1. Cladding Maintenance Woes

The siding or cladding (outer layer of material) of a home or building can vary. Newer homes often have newer (and less tested) materials. Whether it be wall cladding, copper cladding or other, maintenance is necessary to ensure future damage doesn’t occur.

Small details like this can be easily overlooked by homebuyers. So, engaging a Wynnum/Manly Building and Pest Inspection with certified construction knowledge will be the best call to action to assess any possible risks with cladding that would otherwise continue unnoticed…

Before You Buy a Home In Wynnum/Manly, Do This First: 

Our Wynnum/Manly Inspection Team Can Do It All.

From Pre-purchase, Pre-auction and Pre-sale inspections to Pool Safety inspections, Building and Pest Inspections… whatever you’re after for your Wynnum/Manly home or building- the team can help!

Total Inspections is a fully certified service, meaning you be receiving the best advice possible, fully backed by years of experience and qualifications.

Not only that, but we’re also well versed in the world of Construction and Renovation as well, meaning you receive a complete overview and further construction advice if needed (no need to jump from service to service!)

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