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First Home Buyers in Australia: Get the Ultimate Home Inspection Report with Thermal Imaging Cameras!
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First Home Buyers in Australia: Get the Ultimate Home Inspection Report with Thermal Imaging Cameras!

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Pre-purchase Building and Pest Inspections | Your First Home | Total Inspections, Queensland, Australia | Michael Cox, CEO of Total Inspections | March 2021

Attention all you first home buyers in Queensland, Australia: This one is for you!

Chock full of all the must-know tips, this blog will give you a dash of that much-needed clarity you’re looking for. Let’s get started.

Getting ready to buy your first home….

Such an exciting, liberating experience.

It’s a time where all the helping hands in the world are sent your way. And it’s a time where you’ll gladly accept 99.99% of those helping hands… which brings us to the following blog!

Today, we’re talking all things thermal imaging; what’s hot and what’s not? (quite literally).

Continue reading to discover some awesome information about thermal imaging cameras that’ll guide you on your first home buying journey.

Why Your Home Inspector Uses Thermal Imaging Cameras in Your Inspection

man using thermal imaging cameras within his building and pest inspection for a first home buyer in australia

A question received from Joselyn, NSW, sparked this topic.

She asks…

“Most of the pre-purchase home inspection services I contacted mentioned a plus service of thermal imaging, and I am still unsure what exactly this means. Could you provide some more information?” – Joselyn

Happy to help!

Infrared Thermal Imaging is a new technology unbeknown to Joselyn and many others in a first home buyer’s position.

Essentially, Infrared Thermal Imaging cameras allow your home and building inspector to accurately view the varying temperatures within a space. For example, the beginning of a water leak issue would display a blue-like (cool) colouring on the infrared camera, corresponding with the detected cool temperature.   

Infrared Thermal Imaging cameras can capture problems that’d otherwise be overlooked by the naked eye.

Like Joselyn, you may notice that many home inspection services add thermal imaging as an up-sell in their service to you.

Pro tip: Thermal imaging camera inspections are a standard inclusion with a Total Inspections building and pest inspection, whereas other services will charge you extra!

The Undeniable Perks of Thermal Imaging Cameras and Why they’re Perfect for A First Home Pre-Purchase Inspection Service.

  1. Highlight Hot Spots of Electrical Faults

Many building and pest inspections miss the mark when to comes to identifying electrical faults. This is where a thermal imaging camera can be the real point of difference from service to service.

Your building and pest inspector will take their time monitoring the temperature levels within the light fittings and electrical outlets of your potential home. A yellow colouring can give your inspector an indication that a possible electrical fault is at place within the wiring.

Electrical problems can cause serious issues if left unnoticed, so this is an excellent tool to detect any foreseeable issues.

  1. Determine Structural Defects I.E., Mold, Leaks, And Missing Insulation

Thermal Imaging devices can detect the otherwise undetectable.

Your building and pest inspector, during their detailed inspection, may come across elements of the walls and ceiling that respond with a difference in temperature and conductivity.

Only a licenced and fully trained professional will be able to determine whether these indifferences indicate a source of mold, a leak or missing insulation.

Being aware of these potential structural issues before you purchase your first home is a must to avoid dealing with costly repairs down the line.

  1. Identify the pests!

Contrary to what you may have assumed, ‘identifying the pests’ goes beyond unwillingly ‘meeting’ your new neighbours on your first Saturday night in your new home (identifying their loud, partying uproar during your attempted sleep).

Yes (unfortunately) there are other pests possibly identifiable, like termites!

Even the devilish terror termites can be detected on this new technology. As they gnaw away at the structure of your home, they emit a certain type of heat.

If your trained inspector suspects a termite or other pest infestation is possible- they’ll take further measures to determine whether or not that is the case.

What To Look for In Your Chosen Building and Pest Inspection Service

Regardless of whether or not these problems end up being detected- thermal imaging cameras will provide all first home buyers in Queensland, Australia a real peace of mind.

Make sure the service of your choosing has:

  • Up-to-date certifications
  • Proven experience
  • Reliable reviews
  • Excellent communication
  • and provides Thermal Imaging as a standard inclusion!

Pro-tip: Opting for a service that provides all of the above within a combined building and pest inspection is a sure fire way to save extra $$$ in the long run. Hint: Total Inspections is your best option to receive all of this!

All in all, there’s obviously quite a lot to be across when it comes to purchasing your first home, and you’re sure to have questions. Like Joselyn, if you do have any queries about your building and pest inspection, please don’t hesitate to ask our team.

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