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The New Age Home Buying: Methamphetamine Test Inspections
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The New Age Home Buying: Methamphetamine Test Inspections

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Could You Be At Risk of Methamphetamine Contamination? |  Methamphetamine Test Inspections | Building and Pest Inspections | Total Inspections Pty Ltd 2021

In 2021 it’s become apparent that nothing is left solely to the imagination anymore.

Everything you once thought to be ‘completely impossible’ is now A LOT more plausible.

One of them being: The beautiful ‘fixer-upper’ home with the white-picket-fence and spiral staircase you’re about to buy? Yeah, it could have a pretty bad history. So much so, it could have been a former methamphetamine ‘lab’. Not the lifestyle of luxury new home buyers want.



Why Being At Risk of Methamphetamine Contamination Is More Common Than You Think | Methamphetamine Test Inspections

You may have noticed that more and more qualified building and pest inspection services will also offer you a Methamphetamine Test when looking to buy or sell- and for a good reason.

Alarmingly, there has been a gradual increase in meth labs in particular Australian regions since 2002. See Table One here.

The majority of these are held within residential properties, and if left undetected, can be sold onwards to new owners- in some instances, this results in exposure to high levels of toxic chemicals.

“Many of the multiple chemicals that can be used to make illicit drugs are toxic, flammable and/or corrosive…. ” and “Contamination becomes a potential health risk when humans are exposed to hazardous contaminants.”  – eHealth,  “Clandestine Drug Laboratories and Public Health Risks“, January 2017

There are many risks to living in a meth-contaminated home. And although it may sound far-fetched, there are health risks and effects that can occur (subject to levels of exposure, time of contact and so on).

Some of the more severe, immediate effects in some instances can include*

  • Respiratory effects
  • Immediate threat to life
  • Long term disability

*subject to varying factors.

Given the severe risks and the spike in contaminated properties, there’s a good reason why Building and Pest Inspection services have added ‘Methamphetamine Testing’ to their list of qualified services.

Not A Time For Handy-Man DIY Solutions

Like anything, there’s always a way to ‘do it yourself’; in this case, there are home testing kits available for purchase. Frankly- some tasks should be left to the professionals, and this is one of them.



Why? It’s not worth the risk!
Any advice you may seek on Google, or any DIY project you ensue will never be as accurate as hiring a professional service to DIFY (Do It For You) instead.

A Final Note on Methamphetamine Testing Inspections

Hold on – don’t let these risks stop you from buying a home!

We know there’s A LOT to consider when buying a house, and it can all get a bit overwhelming.

Plus, properties are selling left right and centre at the moment in Australia. So understandably, when you find a house that ticks all the boxes, you don’t want to waste any time. You want to buy; but you need to be prepared.

Do your research first about a qualified Building and Pest Inspector of your choice who will clear everything up for you and highlight any issues you need to be aware of.

Try not to settle for a service provided by your Real Estate Agency; hiring a private group of your choosing is a better option for more accurate results.

There’s no need to put a halt on your dreams. Just make sure you’ve got the help you need first.

A Place to Start

Of course, to ensure you’re getting the most accurate results, it’s imperative to seek advice from
a trusted service.

Good thing we know a guy.

Total Inspections Building and Pest Inspections service is a great place to start.

For Methamphetamine test inspections, we’ve got you covered.

Certified Methamphetamine testing is available at Total Inspections.

We use only the best equipment supplied by Australia’s leading methamphetamine testing suppliers and samples tested by NATA accredited laboratory for the most accurate and reliable results.  

Yes, Inspect my Gold Coast or Brisbane home today.

Not sold? Hear it from our happy customers first:

“Couldn’t rate Total Inspections, particularly Michael any more highly! Easy to get a hold of and to book in our building/pest requirements. Michael arrived on time and was very thorough. Even our real estate said he has never seen someone that thorough. Will be recommending Total Inspections to all friends and family!! Thanks again!” – Karly B

“Michael is very thorough and able to explain it to us clearly with the issue and some suggestion to tackle it in the future. Swift response and excellent customer service. Thanks Michael.” – Nadia C

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Total Inspections is not a franchise; it is a family-owned and operated company that takes pride in providing a personal service.

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