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The Hidden Carnage Termites Are Causing To Your Home Without You Noticing

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How Termites Damage Your Home, Total Inspections.

Termites are a true terror known to all of us, yet few of us have ever seen them.

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These near-invisible creatures attack your precious home like silent assassins for months before you’re even able to catch on!

Most often, the damage is already pretty severe by the time you’ve noticed these hungry home invaders – and the costs to fix these issues can be even more unsightly.

Did you know? 

Termites manage to destroy more homes in Australia than natural disasters like fires, floods and severe storms do. Roughly 1 out of every 5 five houses in Australia are affected by termites!

If you’re about to sign off on the home of your dreams, make sure you take all of the necessary steps in protecting your new asset – you don’t want to risk letting these nasty intruders costing you way more than you bargained for.

Of course, the necessary step here is to hire a professional to do a pre-purchase pest inspection. It’s a must-have if you want to avoid looking down the barrel of costly, ongoing repairs.

What are the common areas of your home these terrors target?

• Windowsills andSkirting Boards

Termites are often found in windowsills and skirting boards, feeding off the wood. This will lead to your window fittings deteriorating and create unsightly cosmetic damage to your home.

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A skilled termite and pest-inspector will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to recognise the warning signs that most will miss.

• Foundationand Frames

The foundation of your home and its structural frame are a hot-spot for these devilish wood-eaters. If termites have set their sights on the structure of your home, they’ll consume all the strength of your house.

This will lead to less protection and way more safety risks. Not what you want.

• Roofing

Oftentimes termites will colonise amongst the wooden beams and rafts in your ceiling. Gradually grazing away at the wood, they can cause up to thousands of dollars worth of damage.

Of course, having a look yourself just isn’t enough, and is always best to hire a professional.

• Floorboards

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When termites attack the floorboards, it’ll create open areas in the wood that leads to squeaking, creaking and cracking as you walk from room to room. Not very pleasant! Again, only a certified and trained inspector will notice any possible issues before they become a problem.

Fast fact

Homes located on the outskirts of Australia in warmer climates have the highest rates of termite infestation.

All in all, there’s plenty of areas of a home that could
be easily compromised by termites.

And if you sign off on a new home that you haven’t had inspected by a professional of your choosing, you might regret it.

So, what is a guaranteed method of avoiding these termite infestations?

The answer is simple. Hire a professional pest inspector today whether you suspect you may have termites or before buying a home.

To prevent any future concealed termite attacks, having recurring termite inspections by your chosen provider is always essential, too.

Start Protecting You & Your Home Today

As termites are able to enter your house from underground and can get through slabs in concrete…

It’s really hard to determine whether you have them or not without specialist pest inspection skills.

At Total Inspections we go to great lengths to have and provide the most technically advanced home & commercial building inspections in The Gold Coast and Brisbane.

Delivering Premium Service Since 2016

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As a family-owned and operated business, Total Inspections takes pride in offering a personalised service. In fact, it’s at the heart of everything we do.

That’s why we use some of the most technologically advanced equipment and methods to deliver a complete suite of inspection services for the real estate industry.

From residential pest and building inspections from Tweed Heads to Brisbane to 3D virtual real estate tours to marketing, promo photography, drone videography and more, we can capture your property at every viewpoint – especially its most favourable angles.

Regardless of the size of your property, you can be assured that we will provide a streamlined solution
to your inspection needs.

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