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Simple Tips To Ensure Your Pool Or Spa Is Complaint
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Simple Tips To Ensure Your Pool Or Spa Is Complaint

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Simple Tips to Ensure Your Pool or Spa Is Compliant | Total Inspections, Michael Cox

Most of us across Australia can appreciate a cool dip in the pool on a hot summers’ day.

And the crew at Total Inspections are not different.

But like most things in life and business, it’s always better to safe than sorry!

Ever since Australia saw a spike in pool-related injuries and deaths, the pool and spa safety certifications and inspections were introduced. After all, pool safety must be your highest priority whether your pool is in your backyard, development, resort or hospitality or commercial business.

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And while pool and spa regulations may seem stringent and unfair it’s crucial to comply to avoid putting people’s lives at risk and avoid on-the-spot fines.

There’s also the fact that all swimming pools and spas in Queensland need to be approved and registered on the Queensland pool safety register list.

And in some cases, financial lenders now require a current pool inspection certificate before helping you finance the purchase of a property.

So how can you ensure that your spa or pool is compliant?

The safety standards cover all the bases from the strength of your pool barriers and gates, the height of your fencing to the possible climbing spots for young ones to take advantage of.

And as Total Inspections is the ‘go-to’ service for pool, pest and building inspections, we’ve put together a quick checklist to get you on the right track, so let’s take a look:

Barriers – Although it may be a no-brainer to some – being sure that you have strong safety barriers and gates installed around the perimeter of your pool is crucial.

There are specifications of height and width to take into account to ensure no young kids can slip through the fencing, that a qualified pool inspector will be sure to notify you about.

Gates – Gates and latches installed should always be auto-latching and be set at height approx. 1500mm above the ground level – to avoid small kids opening the gate themselves.

Watch out for possible climbing zones! Kids have endless imagination when it comes to finding a way around the pool fence. If there’s a resting shrub, rock or tree nearby that appears to be a great climbing mechanism, you can bet it’ll be used as just that.

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So it’s extremely crucial to take those sneaky climbing zones into account!

However, it’s something that’s easy to miss if you’re doing a check yourself – as what may not seem like a hazard can well and truly be one to a professional.

Warning signs. It’s now a must to have a visible guideline of CPR assistance by the perimeters of your pool. It’s another small thing people may miss and be penalised for.

Of course, these are all things to consistently monitor and be aware of to keep your spa and pool safe, whether you are a homeowner or commercial business owner.

Keeping all of these things in mind is crucial to alleviating injuries, there’s always room for errors if you’re all on your own, and these are errors that are just not worth the risk.

Don’t take the plunge until you’ve had a pool or spa inspection from a certified professional

Before you list your property, purchase a property or open your commercial business – don’t take the dive before you’ve gotten a pool inspection from certified professionals.

When you decide to hire a professional, make sure you really do your research!

Only use those that are certified pool inspection professionals to avoid dealing with people who lack skills, and won’t be able to give you the advice you need.

Qualification is what we pride the most at Total Inspections.

We are fully licenced to carry out all manners of pool, building, pest and other inspections, backed by government-approved standards.

At Total Inspections, we offer pool safety certificate checks, re-inspections and assessment inspections to ensure the safety of you and your family.

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Then you’ll have no hesitations about whether or not your pool or spa is safe for your family, guests, or potential buyers!

Looking for a service to inspect your pool or spa on The Gold Coast, Ballina or Brisbane?

Reach out to us at Total Inspections today!

Total Inspections is fully licenced with a QBCC – Pool Safety Inspectors licence and many others such as:

• QBCC – Project Management licence
• QBCC – Completed Residential Building Inspection licence
• QBCC – Termite Management licence
• Queensland Government Department of Health – Pest Management
• Workplace Health and Safety Queensland – Asbestos Assessors licence
• CASA – Remotely Piloted Aircraft Operators Certificate (ReOC)

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