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Total Inspections can provide affordable shower repairs. A shower could require repairs due to a result of a leaking shower, damaged tiles, cracked tiles, deteriorating seals, and so many other aspects. If your carpets are damp, floorboards are blackening, paint is peeling, or walls are mouldy adjacent to a wet area, this could result from your leaking shower.

Moisture in walls is a conducive condition for termite infestation. 90% of termite infestations are found in or around wet areas of a building or hot water units.

This is usually not a problem that a plumber can fix.

Repair a Leaking Shower without Removing Tiles

Total Inspections can repair leaking showers without removing tiles. We have over 25 years of experience in the construction industry and will fix your leaking shower with no mess and no fuss. A variety of reasons can cause a leaking shower. However, it can generally easily be fixed quite easily, and no tiles need to be removed in the process.

Do You Have A Leaking Shower?

Many signs of a leaking shower need to be addressed so they don’t lead to bigger issues. These include:

Walls and ceilings that are discoloured, damp, have mould or mildew.

Floorboards, frames and skirtings which have discoloured or are rotting.

Dampness in carpets or clothes that is close by.

Moisture in the wall cavity which can lead to termite infestation.

Rotting timber.

Electrical malfunctions.

95% of showers leak due to wall and floor separation and deteriorated wall-to-floor junction seals. The movement of the structure of a building causes the shower recess to weaken, causing cracks in grout and tiles. The expansion of building materials is due to moisture getting behind the tiles, causing movement. This generally starts because moisture enters the wall from deteriorated seals or behind plumbing fixtures.

This allows continued water to get in behind the times and can cause further damage to your home. Damage to structural timbers attracts termites into your home. All this can be caused by a leak left for too long.

Rundown showers dull down a bathroom and make the place look a lot older than it actually is. Shower sealing freshens up your shower and gives your bathroom a whole new look!

What Has Happened?

Generally, when constructed, showers are fitted with sand-based grout. This type of grout is not waterproof and can allow water through if the water sits on it for long periods.

To keep costs down, builders use a cheaper grade of sealants that deteriorate sooner. We recommend that silicone seals be changed every five to seven years in showers.

Plumbers should be sealed behind the fixtures when they fit new taps or fixtures to prevent water from entering the wall cavity. Sometimes this seal also deteriorates or is not installed.

When this issue appears, the homeowner or managing agents will employ someone to reseal the junctions. This is fine if it is done correctly. However, we see time and time again that Contractors or the homeowner will come in and seal over the top of deteriorated seals. Unfortunately, by not removing the existing seals, the new seals will deteriorate sooner, and the issue will reappear.

Shower Sealing

We will efficiently find the source of your leaking shower if it hasn’t already been identified in a previous inspection. If the shower is not suitable for restoration, we will notify you.

We will remove existing fixtures such as plumbing fixtures, shower screens and soap holders if required.

  • Remove existing silicone sealant
  • Remove existing grout, if required.
  • Clean the area
  • Replace grout with a waterproof epoxy grout
  • Seal wall-to-floor and wall-to-wall junctions with high-quality silicone.
  • Seal in behind plumbing fixtures
  • Refit plumbing fixtures
  • Install and vent behind the shower to provide ventilation for the moisture to escape. This also provides an inspection point for future inspections.

With upfront fixed pricing for your shower sealing, you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for. We have no hidden fees or costs when it comes to shower sealing. We are licensed and insured professionals who only use the best sealer solutions.



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