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Drone Services
Total inspection can provide, mapping, inspection imagery and Real Estate footage you can rely on.
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Real Estate Drone Inspection - Arial Imaging, Mapping & Videography for Constructions

With the latest technology? To survey standard or 4k videography?

Our Gold Coast drone inspection services

Total Inspections can provide mapping, inspection imagery and real estate footage you can rely on. With CASA (Civil Aviation Safety Authority) Certification and all operators licenced, you can be assured that work will be undertaken safely and to the legislation.

All too often footage taken by drones is clearly breaking the CASA regulations – flying over operating roads, flying too close to people or property, flying at night and so on. Total Inspections follows the regulation to the word and can apply to CASA if an exemption is required.

Is it worth the fine or the imagery having to be removed if CASA find it to be no compliant? You can be assured with Total Inspections this will not happen.

Drone Mapping

Fast is better than slow, gathering insights in real-time is where the industry is going. No longer does it take hours, or even a day, to access valuable industry insights. Total Inspections can make it possible by combining the latest mobile and drone hardware to make real-time drone data analysis a reality. Total Inspections can provide instant insights that will make it possible to understand what’s happening on the ground in real time and help organizations make immediate decisions as the drone flies.

Keep your team and projects on track with high-resolution, on-demand maps and 3D models that can be easily shared, assigned and accessed.

Total Inspections can provide imaging that can be overlayed on existing plans or maps that can be accurately measured. Provide imaging throughout a project or a season that can be used to update stockholders or used to analyse a site or area in countless ways.

Imagine how much a construction worker could benefit from safety reports or stockpile analyses generated from the same drone mission by monitoring the site’s progress. Or a grower who can fly his field to identify weeds, count crops automatically, and determine irrigation issues in a single flight.

Total Inspections offer the complete drone mapping service anywhere. By using the latest RTK (Real Time Kinetics) technology that is providing real-time, millimetre-level, survey standard, positioning data for absolute accuracy on image metadata. With the data provided by Total Inspections, clients can create a much more efficient process, literally taking weeks out of the schedule and projects can be much higher quality, and safer.

Drone videography for real estate marketing

With videography becoming more and more popular in real estate campaigns, drone and video footage of property and its location is a pivotal part of any modern campaign. Total Inspections can produce 4k video to add to any campaign.

Gone are the days of just providing potential buyers a set of photos and uploading it. Campaigns need an edge to catch an eye.

Total Inspections can provide imagery to display a true birds-eye view of a property and its surrounds and or combine it with internal videography. Every agent is different so Total Inspections can tailor a package that will suit any price range. This could be producing a moving snapshot of the exterior of the property and its surrounding amenities, combined with interior features to a soundtrack and voice over. This will set any house or commercial property out from the rest.

In new developments, prospective buyers want to see exactly what they are buying, so drone imagery can be superimposed into interior simulations to show the true view of the surrounds they will be seeing once they have moved in.

With a wealth of knowledge in the construction industry and the latest drone positioning technology, Total Inspections can provide an exact perspective whether it is 3 or 100 stories high.

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