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Total Inspections is an innovative inspection company based on the Gold Coast, Brisbane servicing ALL AREAS Australia wide.

We’re known for using some of the most technically advanced inspection techniques, testing equipment and methods in the industry. We’re also known for supplying a service dedicated to protecting our client’s interests and investment. We will do the same for you.

Drone Roof Inspections

At Total Inspections, we believe in offering aerial drone inspections in South East Queensland that are both competitively priced and of top-notch quality. We deliver our services through highly trained professionals with in-depth experience from the different industries we target. Over time, this has enabled us to offer our clients industry-specific consultations matched with a customised solution.

Total Inspections are at your disposal if you’re looking for a way to get quick footage of a drone flight. By quickly and safely inspecting your roofs for storm damage and identifying whether any repair needs to be done, we will make it easy for you to file an insurance claim and identify the true extent of the damage.

Suppose you require visual updates of your renovation or construction projects. In that case, a drone will allow you and others to see whether progress has been made without putting on a hard hat or additional safety equipment. We are happy to assist if you want to watch the drone video individually on your personal computers or as a team in your conference room.

Drone Inspection Services

Whether you are looking to inspect your home or another construction, we offer a wide range of drone photography options. We can quickly and efficiently identify the problem areas and make a work plan without having to put any of your workers at risk. Whether you are interested in streaming the inspection live on your computer, or you’d like to show your team the inspection while it’s being conducted, we have a range of options for you. We even offer the option of instructing our pilots live during the drone inspection and telling them what additional footage needs to be captured.

Drone Videography for Real Estate Marketing

With videography becoming more and more popular in real estate campaigns, drone and video footage of property and its location is a pivotal part of any modern campaign. Total Inspections can produce 4k video to add to any campaign.

Gone are the days of just providing potential buyers a set of photos and uploading it. Campaigns need an edge to catch an eye.

Total Inspections can provide imagery to display a true birds-eye view of a property and its surrounds and or combine it with internal videography. Every agent is different so Total Inspections can tailor a package that will suit any price range. This could be producing a moving snapshot of the exterior of the property and its surrounding amenities, combined with interior features to a soundtrack and voice over. This will set any house or commercial property out from the rest.

In new developments, prospective buyers want to see exactly what they are buying, so drone imagery can be superimposed into interior simulations to show the true view of the surrounds they will be seeing once they have moved in.

With a wealth of knowledge in the construction industry and the latest drone positioning technology, Total Inspections can provide an exact perspective whether it is 3 or 100 stories high.



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