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3D Virtual Tours
Whether you are building new, thinking of building or an owner of property, it is essential to get the right advice. If you don’t have the knowledge or are uncertain, Total inspection can help.
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We Do 3D Virtual Real Estate Tours, Marketing, Promo Photography, Drone Videography, Floor Plans and Inspections.

Trust Total Inspections for a quality service.

Matterport for Real Estate

 3D VIRTUAL TOURS – Give buyers the experience of an immersive, self-directed, in-depth 3D virtual house tours in Brisbane before to save time and effort.

VIRTUAL OPEN HOUSES – Create listings that are always available to view and walk-through online, in any time zone, from any location in the world.

ALL-IN-ONE MARKETING SOLUTION – Create an interactive 3D model with push-button simplicity and share across any web or device.

PRINT READY ASSETS – Capture HDR-quality 2D photos that are perfect for online or print with your Matterport camera.

INSTANT GALLERIES – Quickly and easily produce high-quality scale drawings directly from a 3D model after a scan.


Follow the link to preview a past 3D Virtual Tour.


Matterport for Builders 

3D VIRTUAL TOURS – Contractors, builders and architects can use these 3D virtual tours in Gold Coast to showcase past work with simple links to web sites or social media. This can be used to show clients your past work without the huge outlay of building a display house or display unit.

DWG Floor plans and Elevation – We can supply accurate DWG drawing from the 3D virtual house tours in Brisbane. It can slash time and money on measuring/drawing an existing building for the design of new modifications or as constructed drawing.

3D FLOOR PLANS – We offer 3D animated floor plans for marketing which is derived from the 3D Virtual tour.

3D VIRTUAL TOUR PACKAGES GOLD COASTWe offer a range of company-specific One Page Websites that are fully customisable and include:

  • Virtual Tour
  • 3D Floor & Site Plans
  • Property Description
  • Google Maps
  • Drone and Internal Photos
  • Video
  • Branding
  • Analytics Report


Follow the link to sample the one page web site produced by Total Inspections.


Drone Photography and Photoshop Mark ups

DRONE PHOTOGRAPHY – As long as we are not in a no-fly zone, we can put a drone up to take photos or video of the surrounding area to showcase where landmarks, main roads, public transport or shopping centres are located.


PHOTOSHOP MARKUPS – We can mark the location of the building, land or facilities that you are showcasing, local landmarks and amenities too. The mark is supplied in a high-quality JPEG document so it can be printed as marketing signage or advertising documents.


MARKETING DRONE VIDEO – For marketing and promotion, Total Inspections can provide 4K video for a range of applications.


DRONE HIGH LOCATION PHOTOGRAPHY – Total Inspections can provide drone photos for multi-level developments at nominated heights and positions to simulate balcony views.


FULLY LICENCED – Total Inspections is fully licenced by CASA to carry out commercial work.

Methamphetamine Testing

Australia is facing an ice epidemic and according to the United Nation’s 2014 World Drug Report, our nation is currently ranked as having the third-highest usage rate in the world.

Since 2014 the number of ice (also known as ‘meth’ – an abbreviation for ‘methamphetamine’ and ‘clan’ – an abbreviation for ‘clandestine’) users continues to rise along with the number of meth labs. Almost half of these meth labs are being uncovered in Queensland at a rate of approximately one meth lab per day.

To further magnify the scale of the problem, The Environmental Health Standing Committee has proposed an estimated 9 out of 10 meth labs are going undetected. Between 2010 and 2015, 3,680 clan labs were detected in Australia, so based on eHealth’s estimation, approximately 33,120 clan labs have gone undetected! Most of these being in residential homes.

Whilst the media focuses on the number of lab busts and meth-related crimes, everyday Australians are being faced with the subsequent problem of meth contaminated properties and its long term financial and health effects.

The Residential Tenancy Act deems landlords to have a responsibility to ensure their property is safe for future occupants and property managers have a duty of care to advise their clients about the risks of methamphetamine contamination. A meth residue test should be conducted in between each new tenancy agreement. If a house is found to be contaminated it could cost tens of thousands of dollars in temporary accommodation for tenant’s, decontamination of tenant’s furniture and other associated costs.

You may like to test before a lease or tenancy agreement is signed, for a record, then tests can be done with scheduled routine inspections or once the building is vacated. If elevated contamination is found at least some costs can be recouped from the tenant’s bond.

Total Inspections can offer Instant/rapid testing which can detect if there is contamination above the recommended levels. This can be helpful for a quick check. If this test finds there is contamination, Total Inspections can return and take laboratory tests as per the international standard, known as NIOSH 9111 Laboratory test. This is when a sample is taken and sent to a NATA approved Laboratory for exact contamination levels. Total Inspections can then give advice on the decontamination process. Total Inspections will issue a report detailing the process, locations of testing and results.

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We have your bases covered when it comes to creating 3D virtual real estate tours for properties across the country. Our expert team uses the latest technology to achieve quality results and always impresses with everything that they do. We can also help with aerial photography on the Gold Coast, pre-purchase building inspections and pool fence inspections. Get in touch with Total Inspections today.

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