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Total Inspections is an innovative inspection company based on the Gold Coast, Brisbane servicing ALL AREAS Australia wide.

We’re known for using some of the most technically advanced inspection techniques, testing equipment and methods in the industry. We’re also known for supplying a service dedicated to protecting our client’s interests and investment. We will do the same for you.

Building New Or Extending? Want know what you can do? or just want to take care of your current property?
Let Total Inspection help with years of industry knowledge.

“Protecting You & Your Investment.”

Construction and Property Inspection Introduction

Whether you are building new, thinking of building or an owner of property, it is essential to get the right advice. If you don’t have the knowledge or are uncertain, Total inspection can help. You can trust in the professionals with years of experience in the construction industry. Total inspection can inspect and offer advice on all types of buildings at all stages.

  • Pre-construction advises
  • Handover defect inspections
  • Ongoing warranty inspections or defect liability inspections
  • Regular maintenance inspection and scheduled upkeep advise.

This is what we do, and we want you to have confidence knowing you are getting the right advise in this massive investment.

Pre-Construction inspection and Advice

Construction is a big step and expensive. Without the right knowledge it can be overwhelming. If you are thinking of building and not sure what can be done, whether it is a new build or would like to extent you current property. If you know what you want but are unsure if it can be done or if it will meet your budget.

Total Inspection is here to help.

We can offer the right advise, pre-construction, on design, budget and what can be done to conform with local Council regulations, building code and Australian standards. If it is a domestic dwelling or Commercial building Total Inspection has the answers. We can sit down and assess: –

  • Your design requirements,
  • Assess the function,
  • Energy efficiency requirements
  • Budget and costing
  • Regulations
  • Assessing contractors
  • Final handover process

then advise on all aspects of the construction of your new building, to give you clarity on what can be done, from years of experience and industry knowledge.

Independent Defect Inspection

Finding a Builder or Contractor for your new build can be a difficult process and no matter how good the builder may seem, they are only as good as the sub-contractors they use. Unfortunately, most sub-contractors work for a price, so the quicker they complete the job, the more money they make or the cheaper they can get the materials for the more money they make. This can lead to quality issues if not managed.

If you have limited knowledge Total inspection can help. Even if you have some knowledge an extra set of eyes can pick up thing’s others may not, especially if those eyes have years of experience looking over these types of things.

We can monitor things for you throughout construction and offer advise on how or if things are being done right.

Then before your final handover inspection, Total Inspections can undertake an inspection, provide a report on the visible parts of the building. This report can be issued to the builder for rectification, before you take position. Just like a pre-purchase building inspection, the handover inspection report information on the building. it can provide conference that what you paid for, is what you are getting, that the building meets quality standards and it complies with current building codes or standards.

Independent 12 Month Defect Liability inspection

Following on from the construction phase of your new building, there is generally a 12-month defect liability period, at which time the builder is liable for maintenance and insuring everything works correctly. Before the end of this period it is important to do a thorough inspection to outline all aspects of the new building and identify any problems, as you will be taking over the maintenance duties from the builder. Total inspection can undertake an inspection and provide an inspection report you can issue to the builder for resolution.

It is key to future long Gevity and keeping the Builder honest.

Property Maintenance Inspections

Just as you would go to see your doctor on a regular basis or take your car for a service to keep it running well or catch issues before they become larger. The health of your property is the same.
Whether it is your property or your health, you would only trust the professionals, who would give you sound advice. Because, a lot like your car, your home also requires regular maintenance. Property Maintenance Inspection is a great way to educate yourself about the operating condition of the common components of the property, and to learn what it takes to optimize the life of it.

Once a Property Maintenance Inspection is completed Total Inspection can provide you with a maintenance schedule, so you’ll know what to do and when to do it. Total Inspection can tailor the report that outline maintenance for your property, that could reduce future expenses by catching problems before they grow. Great for the home or commercial building. This type of inspection is perfect for anyone that cannot undertake the inspection themselves due to time or ability. Total inspection can also tailor a schedule and provide quality Contractors to carry out these works.



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