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Top tips to ensure your new build goes on without a hitch!
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Top tips to ensure your new build goes on without a hitch!

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By Michael at Total Inspections | Construction Advice | April 2021 | New Builds.

The time has come.

You’ve been searching high and low for the fresh start you’ve so desperately been waiting for… and the opportunity arises at last.

Whether that ‘fresh start’ takes form as a brand-new home build on new land, or a home extension on your existing property… you’re going to have questions.

Even all the self-proclaimed ‘builder extraordinaires’ or ‘masters of the trade’ may have some questions, even if they don’t want to admit it.

So… if you want your new build or home extension to continue without a hitch, here’s just a few tips, from the pros themselves.

1. Budget correctly.

It may seem like a no-brainer, but this is the be-all and end-all of construction and building projects. If you’ve aimed budgets too low and the project is going way above expected costs- you’re going to be stuck in a bit of a prickly situation.

Don’t let incorrect budgets and financing slow down your project.

Although we cannot suggest one generic plan for everyone to follow (obviously, things differ from project to project), what we can suggest is: aim ABOVE, not below. This applies to both new build and home extension projects.

Of course, when in doubt- reach out!

Total Inspections is here to help your individual home build or extension project, and with all pre-construction advice including budgeting and costs. Let us know what you have in mind and where we see the costs heading.

2. Select the right builder.

We must ensure we’re set up for success, to achieve the best. This is never going to be possible if you engage a building company whose contractors are not dedicated, not fully trained, or don’t appreciate your end goals and dreams for the build.

A way to overcome this is to select a builder who ticks all the boxes.

  • Are they qualified?

Make sure your builder/building company can provide you with proof of credentials, all of which are up to date and fall in line with your state.

Do they have a portfolio?

Images of builders’ previous work can speak a thousand words. You’ll see the result and size it up for yourself. But go a step further, were those previous customers satisfied with the builder? If your builder cannot supply proof of previous work or has little to no legitimate feedback, look elsewhere.

• Like their style?

Everybody’s got a unique style. Much like how every writer, designer, chef and musician have individual styles- every builder will have a different style, too. Assuming they have provided access to portfolios of their previous work, ask yourself: do you like their style of work?

Of course, there’s so much else to consider but those are just a few points that are often overlooked. Dig deep!

3. Seek advice.

An essential element of ensuring your build goes on uninterrupted and stays in line with your plan is to seek professional advice.

This goes for all the stages of a new home build or home extension, including:

  1. The pre-construction phase
  2. The during-construction phase
  3. Post-build phase

What’s on offer here?

For phase one, you’ll receive advice on your design requirements, functionality, energy efficiency requirements, budget and costing, regulations, assessing contractors, final handover processes and more.

For phase two, your chosen service will monitor the build for you throughout construction and offer advice if it is discovered something isn’t quite right.

And for phase three, advice can be given after the build is complete to monitor how things are holding up post-build.

Where can I find a Construction and Building advisor on the Gold Coast or Brisbane?

You’re already in the right place.

We offer comprehensive advice on all stages of commercial or residential builds and renovations, and strongly urge you follow these steps to ensure the success of your build.

If you’re looking for professional advice backed by 20+ years of construction experience, reach out to us by following the link below.

Click here for more

Take these three tips on board and you’ll be set!

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