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Drone Inspection Services: The Latest Tech in Real Estate Imagery, Mapping & Videography
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Drone Inspection Services: The Latest Tech in Real Estate Imagery, Mapping & Videography

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Drone Inspections the Latest Tech in Real Estate for Total inspections Blog

Drone Inspection Services: The Latest Tech | By Total Inspections Pty Ltd

Drone Inspection Services: The Latest Tech in Real Estate Imagery, Mapping & Videography


Back in the early 2000s, our visions for the future were full of them – next to the flying cars, of course. Now as 2020 comes to a close we see drones being used for delivery services, law enforcement, entertainment and even wildlife conservation. 

However, these small metal spies-of-the-sky also carry an extensive list of advantages for Real Estate industries.

When a Property Inspector in Florida was called to a job at a two-story building, he realized his access to the roof was impeded in the absence of an extension ladder.

But this story has a happy ending, because after Jon obtained his extension ladder, he began searching for simpler solutions – which led him where, you might ask?

From there forth, drone usage in Real Estate inspection has surged. Real Estate Agencies are quickly lapping up all the benefits of drone imaging, mapping and videography.

Interested in knowing how Drone Inspection technology can benefit
your agency?

We’ll take you through the four top services real estate agencies are recruiting drone inspectors for.

1. Inspection Imagery


nspection Imagery Done Inspection Services FOR Total Inspections Blog Image 

Visual inspections aren’t always pretty. Exposed wiring, pest infestations and hard-to-reach areas are only a few of the daily hazards inspectors face when surveying properties and assets. Allowing drone inspections to replace the manual task of physically sending out an Inspector into a hazardous environment is an invaluable asset to any agency. Property managers looking for strategies to save time & money should consider implementing Total Inspections’ Drone Inspection services into their regime.

2. Marketing Imagery


nspection Imagery Done Inspection Services FOR Total Inspections Blog Image.


Aerial photography aids in more ways than one. Birds-eye-view shots provide prospective buyers with a unique perspective that many Real Estate agencies can’t offer. Drone aerial photography can also capture stunning 360 panoramic views of your property’s location. Showcase all angles, layouts and the property line. Sometimes buyers want a virtual snoop of the neighbourhood, and who can blame them? So if you’re looking to give your agency a competitive edge, Total Inspections’ Drone Imagery services may just be the way to do it.

3. Drone Mapping


Drone Mapping image for Total Inspections Blog about Drone Services for Website Image


Say goodbye to traditional methods of ground surveying! Data collection and analysis becomes worlds easier with instant access to high-resolution drone mapping and 3D models. These can be overlaid onto existing maps and shared between team members for easy project collaboration. Get higher quality data and ground coverage for better value with Total Inspections’ Drone Mapping.


4. Videography


Videography image for Total Inspections blog about 4k Quality Drone Footage Services.


Property marketing campaigns can get repetitive. Prospective buyers are presented the same perspective of every property, and it gets old, fast. Total Inspections’ 4k-quality drone footage is the ultimate way to liven up those property showcases. Suitable for all private and commercial properties and assets, drone videography takes viewers on an exciting virtual tour of all internal and external spaces.

So what are you waiting for? The technology is right here!  

Using Total Inspection’s Drone Inspection, Imaging & Videography services, you can rest assured that all work will be conducted within CASA legislation guidelines. Total Inspections is dedicated to providing clients with peace of mind in receiving high-quality mapping, imagery and footage.

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